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Introduction & Eligibility For Use

The Barabar Centre in Pristina, Kosovo, is dedicated to promoting interethnic dialogue, social, and cultural interactions among diverse communities. This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the use of the center’s facilities by all individuals, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and institutions in alignment with the center’s mission and mandate. The Barabar Centre is open to all individuals, CSOs, and institutions whose activities align with the center’s
mandate of promoting interethnic dialogue, social cohesion, and cultural exchange. All users must comply with this policy and adhere to the principles of respect, inclusivity, and non-discrimination.



Reservation & Scheduling

Reservation Process

Interested parties should submit a reservation request to the Barabar Centre facilitation management. These should include details such as the organisation/institution name, contact information, purpose of the activity, preferred date and time, expected number of participants, together  with any specific requirements.

Priority Booking

Priority will be given to activities directly related to the centre’s mandate. The management reserves the right to allocate space based on availability and alignment with the centre's goals.


Upon approval of the reservation, the applicant will receive a written confirmation specifying the reserved date, time, and allocated space.

Services & Resources

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No matter which occasion: exhibition booth, events, conferences, roadshows, meetings – we offer audio visual equipment rentals for standardized or individual customer wishes.

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