CASA presents The Dictionary of the words that need no translation

Center for Affirmative Social Actions CASA proudly presents a first edition of The *Dictionary of the words that need no translation.* The
publication sorts more than 450 words shared between Serbian and Albanian languages and used in everyday communication. The selected words are accompanied by 50 short stories that illuminate their cultural, social, and historical contexts shaped by all the communities living in Kosovo. The Dictionary is leisure reading, a learning tool but also a testimony of cultural interactions and
cohabitation between different ethnic groups living in Kosovo, sculpted over the tempestuous centuries into shared linguistic and cultural heritage.
The identification of words was performed in a joint trust-building exercise by young students from various Kosovo communities, gathered by project partner Mlada Aktivna Gračanica. The classification and annotation of the selected words were performed by a group of authors including linguist Nora Bezera, copywriter Ines Aljović and Miodrag Marinković a director of NGO CASA who contributed with dozens of affiliated stories. The authors encourage the use of the Dictionary both as a learning tool for individuals learning Serbian or Albanian language or/and by civic initiatives developing and facilitating trust-building initiatives in Kosovo.

The Dictionary is a result of prolific cooperation between CASA and Mlada Aktivna Gračanica under the *Project that needs no translation*, supported by the UNDP program *Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Intercommunity Dialogue and Social Cohesion *funded by the European Union. The Dictionary can be downloaded at The Dictionary of the words that need no translation.

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