I NOW exhibition

✨Opening of the exhibition “I NOW”
🕐 20:00 | 📍Barabar Centre, Prishtina (Grand Hotel, 4th Floor)

The exhibition will be open to visitors at Barabar Centre from May 27 to June 14, 2024.

The I NOW exhibition is curated as a wide selection of over 30 works featured through various panels, presentations and installations. Using a variety of art media, including installations, AI concepts, computer simulations and bioexperiments, this exhibition takes visitors on an unusual journey.

I NOW crosses the boundaries of traditional exhibitions and turns into a platform
for philosophical research and exploration of basic questions such as WHERE IS I
and HOW LONG IS NOW. The exhibition is not limited only to the exhibition space of Barabar Center, since the thematic work of the exhibition is related with the work installed in 2022 in Zahir Pajaziti square: HOW LONG IS NOW.

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